Web Design Trends Of The Year 2015 That Are Expected To Hit The Website

The year 2014 comes to an end and now in the year 2015, web developers are highly fascinated to understand the latest web design trends. Web design trends are considered as the essential thing for all web developers and designers to create lovely and astonishing web design. There are some web design trends which will be quite helpful for the web designers to know about the forthcoming trends of the year 2015.

  • Responsive design:

Responsive design

Due to the smarter technologies, everything has been getting smarter such as TV, watches and many more appliances. Likewise, the responsive web design also getting changed since each and every platform includes its own confronts and hence the evolution of interactive design makes the website much more appealing than ever before. Responsive website design is suggested to be followed by every designer to get good interactive experience.

  • Info graphics:


A picture seems to attract more number of visitors than countless words. Hence, infographics is regarded as the hottest trend of the year 2015. Plenty of visitors are fascinated towards infographics and graphics compared to the content available. The web infographics are astonishing and hence the website owners are requested to add graphics to their site to please their customers in all ways.

  • Impressive, astonishing and large background images:

Having a website with attractive background images will bring more number of customers towards the site. In the year 2014 itself, there was impressive and astonishing images but it is predicated to get increase in the year 2015 as well. So, designers have to make use of large background image to create best impression among the visitors and fills up the unwanted space in expressive manner. It is regarded as the essential way to create your website to stand apart along with grand content displayed outstandingly.

  • Scrolling:

Scrolling is considered as the excellent way to enhance the experience of the user as clicking seems to be bit annoying for the web users. Parallax scrolling animation is considered as the most inspiring trend of the year 2015. With the aid of this animation, the user experience will get greatly improved. Apple and Google have previously employed this animation to create their websites with enhanced scrolling.

  • Flat design:

This flat design has attained a plenty of impetus compared to the previous year and it is changing into a material design. Designers will not use flat design trend in 2015 because each and every organization choose for simple, minimalistic and attractive website design. Since, the website will look clutter free and clean, if you opt for boring flat design. Material design is somewhat an advanced design made for web design.

  • Typography:Typography

Conventionally website typography kits are permitted for having typefaces and beautiful fonts to make the website gorgeous and eye-catching. The typographic design available in the site needs extensive budget range to carry out the website but now the trend is changing. Typo kits are extremely affordable as you can get it free from Google. The designers are free to work with the web designing task with the small budget in order to implement their typography skills inside the designing task. Moreover, wordpress theme designer also incorporate typography flexibility to make outstanding website.

  • Data Visualization:Data Visualization

It is wonderful time to trench the bar graphs and static charts and the year 2015 is expected to have some attractive and powerful data visualizations. The usage of this data visualization is not restricted just to show the data other than that it has plenty of advantages as well. Visitors can able to play and entertain with data visualization trend.

  • Unconventional messaging:

In last year, plenty of websites depend upon unconventional method of messaging which was not just layman however it was implement to hit the targeted audience. Such images and content will permit the business to easily connect with their customers and hence it is expected to continue for the year 2015 as well.

  • Animations:

Due to the quality of improvement in screen daily, the speed of the internet is also increasing gradually. Adding some interactive animations is considered as the hottest trend of the year 2015. By implementing suitable animation into the website will assist the business to attain thousands of prospective customers in limited time period and thins will go viral through internet platform.

  • Storytelling videos:

Another trend you have in the year 2015 is storytelling vides. This interactive storytelling vides will be placed in the home page of the website. However, this videos will be quite useful in explain the motto and brand of the business in eye-catching manner.

Thus, the trends which were highly famous in 2014 are also expected to follow in the year 2015 also. These things combine together to enhance the website quality as well as overall user-experience.