Excellent Ways Of Promoting Your Website Online And Offline

Both offline and online marketing strategies are crucial for promoting a website. The online businesses can get benefitted from conventional offline modes similar to a brick and mortal store that gets benefitted from advertising online. There are numerous ways of promoting a website online and offline and they are as below:

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Ways To Promote Your Website Offline:

  • If your staff members are wearing uniforms, it is better to put your website’s URL on them. So, all your customers will be able to see walking advertisements of your business website.
  • Putting your website’s URL on business cards, email signature, letterhead and other places wherever your potential visitors can probably see.
  • It is worth including web address in the press releases that you are likely to send them to media members. If you let them know your web address, you can have it included on the articles written about your company.
  • You can also include your website’s URL on all promotional products like T-Shirts, coffee mugs, key chains and so forth. It is beneficial to give a daily reminder that lets people to visit your website.
  • If you have any company fleets, don’t hesitate to include your URL on its side. You can those vehicles trucks for delivering products and they are likely to be noted by your customers.
  • Putting your web address at the bottom of your catalogue enables customers to access to your website.
  • You should never overlook to put your URL in the yellow pages as chances are there for people to see it every day.

Ways To Promote Your Website Online:

  • Adhere to a specific search engine submission process which helps you to get good exposure for your website.
  • Businesses in need of more exposure can opt for search engine marketing. This helps you to have a text ad appearing when the visitors search for specific keywords. However, you need to pay some money to take advantage of it.
  • You must also need to launch a sweepstakes offering anyone the chance of winning free gifts, especially if they are able to subscribe to e-newsletter or register with your site within the specific time frame.
  • It is a good option to send out weekly e-mail newsletters that contain tips to facilitate registered site members. Sending email newsletters with news pertinent to your industry or company with links directing to your site is also an ideal way.
  • Write free contents to other websites. This is really an excellent way as the other website receives free articles regarding their offerings whereas you get link back to your website.
  • You can also consider sending well planned email promotion to a list of prospective visitors and offer credits towards their purchase from your website. Spending considerable time on the content and look of your email is also crucial. It should be something like offering value to customers instead of appearing like spam.
  • It is a fair idea to create link exchange which means that you can ask other sites to put your link on their page and vice versa.
  • Getting hooked up with your web affiliates is also an ideal way of promoting your URL online.
  • Be active in online chats and forums and include URL in the signature.
  • If any one place orders on your site, it is better to attach a catalogue with their orders to make them come back to your website again.
  • Inspiring your visitors for promoting your business with viral marketing technique is also effective.
  • You can create online surveys for getting the opinions of your customers on how well your business is.
  • While creating ads, it is crucial to understand the objective of your campaign, who you are targeting and how to use ads creatively.
  • For increasing the exposure of your product and site, you can use selling venues like online auction and classified advertising sites.