An Ecommerce Website Development Company Can Attract or Drive Away Your Visitors!

Website Designing is a tough-task, no doubt. Designing and developing an Ecommerce Website is even more cumbersome. You know why? The developers in an eceommerce website development company have to face innumerable challenges today. Here is first-hand information provided for the benefit of prospective website owners, by professionals of SPG Techsoft.

First of all an Ecommerce Website is created with a profit-motive. It has this undeniable aspect, compared to other websites that enlighten information or do some philanthropy-oriented service. It should attract customers online. These visitors should buy products. The customer-crowd should be consistent; and many of them should pay repeated visits. Only then, the purpose of creating that website gets fulfilled.

On the contrary, if the visitor-traffic is very thin, and even those few visitors run-away in frustration, within the few seconds of entering the website, the money spent for creating the site goes down the drain.

The website owners will burn their fingers heavily. The ecommerce website development company is to blame. Had they been little prudent and knowledgeable enough, to fix the buttons and presses needed perfectly, the website would not have failed to perform.

Ecommerce Stores
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Professional web developers at SPG Techsoft assert emphatically that the trick lies in their hands, to develop, configure, integrate and implement the apt web applications and web solutions, needed by that site. They should be proficient with the expectations of an online customer, and fulfill their requirements, conspicuously.

Online shopping is entirely different from real-life purchase activities. The web-visitor stays only few minutes, if not seconds, at the Ecommerce Website. Within this short time, the customer wants to go through the web pages of the Online Store easily and quickly. They need the products list, description of the products and availability particulars of the intended items etc., to be made available in a jiffy.


The buying activity should finish smoothly and hassle-free. The customer has to exit after paying through easy and secure payment mode, with complete satisfaction of their Online Shopping Experience.

The web developers of the ecommerce website development company should foresee this Customer Happy Experience, and implement the workable ecommerce web solutions into the site. There are excellent Ecommerce Solutions like Magento, which is used by top-notch and very popular Ecommerce sites. Also the web developers should be able to develop, exclusive and unique web-solution software for the site, if so needed.

Experienced ecommerce website development company like SPG Techsoft offers complete and comprehensive Services like – Responsive Web Designing, Web Application Development, Landing Page Design, Logo Design, E-commerce Website Design, Web Hosting, SEO, PPC, SMO Services and Digital Marketing Services etc. at cost-effective charges.

All that is needed is to click and avail their services, to make your Ecommerce site meet with success!


Why Visitors Abandon Shopping Cart And Tips For Stopping It?

Do you like to run an ecommerce website? And you are fed up with shoppers abandoning their shopping card and want to make them buying items from your shop. There are plenty of reasons why shoppers quit their cards. Understanding the barriers which hold them from doing shopping will be quite useful for the retailers to improve their customer experience whilst making them to purchase items easily.


Reasons Why Shoppers Abandon Sit Without Paying:

  • Overall price rate seems to be expensive
  • Decided against shopping
  • Found a good price elsewhere
  • Website time out
  • Concerns regarding payment security
  • Delivery options seems to be unsuitable
  • Available with unexpected costs
  • Website navigation seems to be highly complicated
  • Website crashing
  • The shopping cart process seems to be very long
  • Delivery options were turns to be unsuitable

How To Turn Down Shopping Card Abandonment:

  • Show Images:

Try to show clear and legible thumbnails regarding the actual items to the visitors who come for purchasing. Instead of having texts for describing your products, it is truly good to display the picture of the images.

  • Make Editing Very Easy:

Shoppers do not wish to get locked up in their checkout page in case if they create a mistake. If they wish to create edition on the selected items then it must be extremely easy for them to do so to avail enjoyable shopping experience.

  • Ditch Registrations:

One of the massive turnoffs in the checkout processes is forcing the customers to complete shopping on any of the items. Researches made by user interface engineering describe that 75 percent of shoppers who are forced to register with the site will never sign up with the purchase. When the site gets rid of register button then the customer shows interest in shopping.

  • Provide Multiple Payment Options:

Consider providing varying payment options like American Express, Paypal, Mastercard or Visa along with other kinds of payment solutions as per the demographic and audience you target.

  • Give A Favor Or Support:

Offering free toll-free number or chat box at the end of the checkout page provides shoppers with eases and confidence to purchase your product. With these options, the shoppers will free to ask their queries in better way.

  • Afford A Favor Or Support:

Offering free toll-free number or chat box at the end of the checkout page provides shoppers with eases and confidence to purchase your product. With these options, the shoppers will free to ask their queries in better way.

  • Add Save Functions:

Make customers happy with save their shopping cart so that they purchase whey they are ready. About 24 percentage of abandonment happen when clients wish to save their products for later use but cannot able to accomplish it through ecommerce site.

  • Provide An Understandable Refund Policy:

By offering clear cut refund policy, shoppers will understand about your policy and hence continue doing shopping on your e-commerce site.

  • Offer Free Shipping:

Deloitte’s holiday survey has founded out that free shipping is considered to be the indispensible factor which is responsible for ordering online products.


Enhance Your Ecommerce Platform By The Development Company

The eCommerce website is useful for the business purposes as this gives us opportunity for increasing the customer in the best manner. There are many designs of eCommerce themes available and it varies according to the type of business products in the best manner. When you are able to find the answers for all these questions, you can find the right eCommerce platform provider so that it will be useful for analyzing all the eCommerce features available for your business development in the best manner. When you are opting for the top class eCommerce platform for establishing the online store, it will be easier to choose the best eCommerce development solutions with the reliable advantages. Designing the website will many features will be efficient for gaining the best website for the business sale. The visibility of eCommerce website will be more only when your website is attractive so that it will gain the viewers satisfaction. Some of the features of the ECommerce Web Development Company are

  • 100% fully customization templates design
  • Theme Upgrades
  • Content Management System with Information updates
  • Cross sell on the product pages
  • SEO Friendly portal
  • Advanced analytics
  • Newsletter Management
  • Content Management
  • Report Management
  • Sales Management

Enhancing the existing website will also make more development in the business as many changes will be made in the current website. the ranking of the website will also get improved in the best manner so that it gives more opportunity for giving the viewers the best class shopping experiences. Creating the online portal for the ECommerce Web Development has many integrated features so that this will enhance all the search engine viability along with the superior conversion in verification methods. The payment option for the online shopping must be safer so that it will be quite efficient for increasing the visitor’s satisfaction.


How To Promote Online eCommerce Website?

Nowadays, many people using the internet for their advanced purpose. From online, the people can gain different information easily and where it acts as best platform. When people are new to the business, then owner needs to create the new website in order to see the products in online. Moreover, people also need to know the advancement of e-Commerce website. Now, the website is the best way for people attract numerous visitors as well as for generating the sales. To have the successful business, then you need to require the efforts for promoting the website. With the e-Commerce website, you can able to promote and advertise the website. In internet, millions of websites are there therefore the visitors can find the best site easily. First, people want to learn about how to keep the interest on the safest way by collecting the information.

Online eCommerce

  • Do Research On Keyword:

You need to open the web browser to go on the Google Keyword website. Sometime it acts as tools, where submit the keywords on the search engine in order to find out the products. On the website, place the keywords on the Keyword tool, then click the Keyword ideas, where this will generate the keyword phrases. While using the Keyword phrases get the search volume on higher with lower competition.

  • Optimize The Website:

You need to use only the on-page optimization for taking the keywords easily. On the website, the keyword come with the Mega Tags, this especially used for the eCommerce website and it includes Meta descriptions, Meta title, website content and page headings.

  • Place The eCommerce Website:

If you subscribe the eCommerce website then you can achieve the visitors on higher for your website. Moreover, it also offers visitors for the free product so this is the best type to offer the email information and exchange of information. You need to use only the latest information for building all list and then send the to the additional offers for keeping the information updates on your products, by this way people can build a better and trust t relationship with all.

  • Submit The Website On Search Engines:

Now, in online there are numerous search engines are there, but the top most is Yahoo, Google, Bing and DMOZ.

  • Use The Advantages Of Social Media:

The social media is best for all where the presence of social media bring the product as new highlight this for your products as well as for the website. So create the new ID on Facebook to develop the group and Fan page. You can also sign up on Twitter to tweet with the followers. With Facebook, you friends know about the new products which arrivals.

  • Social Bookmarking:

Submit the website on the sites like Digg, Tumblr and Moreover the social bookmarking website builds your backlinks this will raise the websites on the sites like Google.

  • Video marketing:

The video market helps to create the commercials for, the business also you can upload the products video in the YouTube. If you link any videos on the YouTube then your friends on the Facebook can see it. The video marketing encourages all with the best efforts.

  • Send A Press Release:

Open the browser in order to go on the websites like PrWeb, Free Press Release, Business Wire and PR Newswire. In the press release signs up your account and send it to the website. Most of the wire service charges the users.



Role Of An Ecommerce Development Company In Developing A Website

If you want to a part of ecommerce craze and trend and are planning to establish an online store, then you must consider hiring an efficient ecommerce development company that helps you to stand out among your competitors. If you look around, you will be having several options to set up an ecommerce store. However, you prefer to go with the best option whether it is customized ecommerce solution from scratch or readymade. A reliable ecommerce development company will provide you with attractive, fresh and the most advanced solutions to work on the World Wide Web. They have everything which is crucial for ecommerce development. With expert team of professionals, productive environment, best infrastructure, high skill sets, professional approach, committing values and updated technologies.

The professionals try to learn the constantly changing minds of customers as well as market trends by investing dedicated efforts. They also build ecommerce websites which is capable of flourishing among your competitors. They also offer a broad spectrum of ecommerce websites that include designing, development, programming, shopping cart solutions, integration, CMS systems, add-ons, extensions development, themes and templates, plug-ins creation and many more. Most of the e-commerce development companies create small size to enterprise level ecommerce website by integrating enriched features and utmost capabilities.

The ecommerce development company also optimizes your website for top rankings on the search engines. They also develop creative and business-oriented designs, templates and themes to make your website more appealing. Furthermore, crucial features and extensions are also integrated based on the requirements of the customers, including custom features, custom designs, more pages, shopping cards and CMS solution . They also equip your website with multiple language support, user friendly shopping cart solution, vivid displays, secured payment gateway, speedy elements and shipping rate calculator. All these aspects enable the end users to attain their online transactions and provide them an exciting experience.

4 Astonishingly Basic Mistakes Which Disaster Most Startup Ecommerce Stores

Most of the people are overwhelmingly fond of online shopping these days. As per the recent survey, it is found that lots of people like to shop their favorite items digitally rather than visiting motor and brick stores. Consequently, online shopping has attained massive growth every year. In past year, ecommerce stores have developed to about 13 percent and it has increased its standard of shopping as well. We are viewing countless ecommerce companies establishing every year to get benefit from this increasing shopping experience on various categories like e-cigarettes, mattresses, groceries and many more. There are handfuls of ecommerce successful ventures available from long-term however 75 percent of new startups fail unluckily. There are major 4 pitfalls which must be avoided to develop the ecommerce business to top position in its category.

Ecommerce Stores

  1. Not being concentrated:

Although it is regarded as a simple thing, while launching a new ecommerce portal, it is vital to know exactly what you want to sell and what you do not want.  Several startups believe that they can perform it at the time of ecommerce launch and hence offer plenty of products. Since, selling of plenty of products will surely bewilder the customers, weaker your shop’s core value plan and thus decrease the management and financial resources. During the starting stage of ecommerce launch, you need to adopt best practice so as to become a master in specific field by beginning small niche market.

When you have set up your online presence in the marketplace and have confirmed success around that field then you can consider expanding your business further. One of the perfect examples is Zappos as they discovered shoes first and it was their main aim. Subsequently, they expanded their business to more comprehensive clothing strategy.

  1. Not optimizing website navigation:

A site which cannot be easily navigated is considered to be the massive turnoff for the visitors or buyers. Most of the folks want to carry out everything in intuitive, convenient and easy, starting from homepage shopping till the checkout process as well as every page that comes in between. Some of the most important navigation factors in ecommerce sites are search as it must be easy for the shoppers to suit their specific tastes, labels which must be trouble free as well as visuals which they view more than text.

The final thing an ecommerce store likes to create their navigation difficult when the buyer is moving forward with purchase. As a result, it is very hard to obtain more leads for your site. Checkout, another important process involved in purchase and it must be easy and make them to feel familiar. Having a buyer ready to create a purchase and then combating with buying is the reason why shopping ecommerce cart’s decline rate.

  1. Not adopting SEO strategies in the earlier stage:

Deploying SEO strategy for your commerce site prematurely is like a no-brainer however you need to include right SEO practice right from the starting stage. It seems to be a major mistake for companies to begin full-scale SEO techniques after the completion of the website and in some cases after it is previously been established. By this manner, the internal construction of the website as well as its URL structure is previously in arrangement, creating successful SEO as a great challenge.

Therefore, it is important to include SEO philosophies for the beginning. Assure you site has the significant basic title tags as well as Meta data and find the most famous keywords for your niche. If you cannot able to find suitable keyword for your niche then invest in SEO Company to create beautiful content for your site.

Your SEO expert or you can work with a team for developing convincing product blogs, descriptions as well as social media which gets linked or shared back to your website. It will bring good impact in the form of organic search results. If you do not have enough capability to handle this task by your own then you can make use of SEO consultant who can offer you guidance to understand which search phrases are suitable for your site.

  1. Not gathering sufficient data:

A successful ecommerce website develops a user experience for every shopper. Luckily, each website creates the wonderful opportunity to find more about purchasers, thereby offering the capability to provide customized recommendations. Recommending area of interests or products creates the purchasers experience more and more enjoyable, whilst also create brand loyalty by displaying the end-user which you appreciate them.

The specific way to carry on personalization is through exhaustive and comprehensive data capture. Companies must invest in gathering website data as well as 3rd party data such as demographics, historical and behavior to obtain a complete view of their buyers. The gathered data permits the business to make a bond which is usually hard to achieve with online customers.

Establishing an ecommerce venture seems to be a worthwhile experience. However, it also turns to be more frustrating with numerous pitfalls to avoid, particularly on the starting stage. Nevertheless, if you neglect the most common and basic mistakes, you are considered as the luckiest person who does not comes under the list of 3/4th failure rate.


Creation Of New Dimensions For E-Commerce Websites Using Modern Web Designing Techniques

Today, the world of eCommerce has become more popular among the people and the online users worldwide as it has been facilitated to provide the users with promising strategies. This strategy has also become one among the important aspects in the world of internet marketing. All the online business owners have got desire to make use of the online services in the eCommerce strategies that could eventually help them and the site to garner the attention of the customer. All these views could help the eCommerce sites to get leaded with the generation of revenues and traffic in simple means. But, here, the website owners might face some difficulties in creating, establishing, designing and developing the eCommerce site prospects and values.

E-Commerce Websites


The web designing and the development has got expanded in a very unimaginable way and the website development prospects are still constantly evolving with so many opportunities and possibilities to help they business owners to get simple outreach and profitable ROI via online media marketing strategies and services. Now, the user has started to search unique and more interesting commerce sites that could be able to add value for the money and valuable time without any kind of Afoul. So, the website owners of eCommerce strategy have started to make use of simple and very fast UI and UX that could add a lot of potential to the site as well to the business. This could help the business owners to adopt for the ideal combination of designing patterns that could eventually increase the eCommerce site with brand recognition. So for getting the businesses to get hikes at the edge of mountains, several new modern web design techniques are available to be provided with affordable and cost effective means.

Efficient And Modern Web Designing Techniques To Improve And Promote E-Commerce Websites

Among the modern prospects of tools, techniques and utilities used in designing a website, the Image Sliders are considered to be the most effective and the most unique part of the site to attract people at first sight. The image sliders are nothing but the lively scripts that could help the designers to make the website to appear more unique. The Image Slider tool will help the site owners and the website developers to create and integrate eye-catching images and animated effects, which will provide the users with the experience of browsing a modern website. Each and every online retailer and retail site have been making use of this slider design and effects to get more popularity and outreach. This tool provides a freedom for the designers and the user to explore and view the creativity by producing something attractive to convey something or to introduce a brand that could reach the millions in quick ways. Even the colors of the website would appease the customers and visitors to choose a website as a desired online store. The type of colors used in the websites is more important because, each and every single color used on the site will produce a significant impact on the psychology of the visitors and customers. So, it would be recommended for the eCommerce sites to make use of Ideal colors for the site to increase the perspectives of online business. Today, the visitors are searching to avail business that could give them with more technical benefits along with online shopping experience. So, for the eCommerce websites, it would be a necessity to make use of grids in layouts and this could be achieved by using popular CSS grids such as Bootstrap, Gridism and much more as per the desire, and demands. Grids will help the site to get a contemporary look and also provides a satisfied user experience. Among the computation of all these tools and techniques in web design, the most trending and most wanted new website design technique would be the Flat Design. This is a simple design or a template that makes use of flat colors, buttons and provides the site with lots of space to integrate additional values on the whole. Thus, by making use of all the above mentioned moderns and trending unique design techniques, one could simply be able to design and develop successful trends in experimenting with E-commerce platforms in online business strategies.