How To Restructure Your Business Website Without Decreasing Sales Or Traffic Rate?

Are you planning for website redesign and are worried about danger of losing sales or traffic? It is probable that redesigning a website will decrease traffic primarily however there are myriads of ways available to counteract with the loss of decreasing traffic.


Expectations Of Losing Traffic:

As per the matt cuts, the 10-15 percent of page rank decreased owing to the 301 redirects. But, you can compensate the loss by great design which in turn increases the engagement rate. to study this, Moz has redesigned and restructured a website so that engagement metrics have increased all over the board. He analyzed pages visited, page views, bounce rate and visit duration after changing the website design. He analyzed massive success and positive percentage in all the things and negative value in bounce rate.

  1. Preparation:

New Chances:

  • Consider for updating the CRM
  • Restrategize sales as well as restructure
  • New keyword opportunities
  • Updated your present URL structure
  • New keyword for implementing at the time of new design

Mapping Out Content Optimization For All Web Pages

  • Meta descriptions gets fall down
  • Titles are modified
  • Updated new keywords at the time of content optimization
  1. Redesign And Restructure:
  • Remove all the indexing restrictions
  • Reimplement  tracking code
  • Restructure and prioritize internal link juice following from one page to other

Case study: To achieve the above mentioned things, Moz has provided priority to learn section by transferring the link found in the footer to header

  1. Update Sitemaps:
  • Use multiple number of XML sitemaps
  • Update as well as submit news sitemap in the Google by preferring Google webmaster tools

Case study: After Razoo installed this, the number of pages which sends traffic increases from 486 to 1240 and the number of keywords that sends organic search traffic increases from 548 to 134.

  1. Optimize 404 pages by connecting to internal pages:

Case study: He increased TechCrunch’s traffic rate by 9 percent in 30 days time by developing a customized 404 page which connects out to 25-50 random internal WebPages found on the website.

Comparison Test Of Two Websites:

Steven Macdonald was famous e-marketers had ran a test by redesigning two websites and the results of those two websites are mentioned below.

Website 1:

  • The website does not update as well as submit the XML sitemap
  • Missing of about 50 percent of mapped outs in 301 redirects
  • About 302 pages were receiving traffic to a squashy 404 page rather than 404 HTTP status
  • Missing of meta tags comprising of meta descriptions and page tiles creating duplicate content

The result is -34% in terms of organic traffic

Website 2

  • Easily uploaded the XML sitemap instantly after launch
  • Outlined all the URLs of the website that incorporates a URL rewrite along with easy to use URLs
  • About 301 redirects were installed and tested
  • Analyzed web traffic for both organic search as well as referrals.

The result is -4% in terms of organic traffic

Analyze The Following After Website Launch:

  • Immediate 404 spikes
  • Unusual traffic drops
  • Keyword ranking losses
  • How Google index your website


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