What Is The Responsive Web Design?

Responsive design is a technique developed for web page creation which makes use of cascading style sheet, flexible images and flexible layouts. The main objective behind responsive web design is to create web pages which identify the visitor’s orientation and screen size as well as change the layout consequently. Responsive web design is a new method developed to solve plenty of problems created by the propagation of new trends in mobile devices.

Responsive web design


Key feature of responsive design:

In order to create a responsive web design, it must have five prime features.

  • The site ought to be created with a flexible framework foundation
  • Images which are included into the design ought to flexible themselves
  • Divergence of views must be permitted into different contexts through media queries.
  • Converting searchers to customers via call to action
  • Easy navigation to create surfing on the website easy on every device.

Why dose responsive design matter?

Responsive design is something important for present day website since it permits front-end developers to create a site which mechanically adjusts to the mobile or desktop screen which is used to view any specific website. With the aid of responsive design, an individual can view any website from tablet or iphone as per their device screen size. Responsive web design is developed by using media queries, CSS3, HTML 5, innovative tools and modernized technologies which can be massively suit to various screen resolutions.

Advantage Of Responsive Design?

Responsive website design creates responsive and flexible web page optimized exclusively for a specific device while accessing it. The advantages of responsive web design are:

  • Incrementing the mobile and tablet audience group
  • Boost up sales as well as conversion rates
  • Augments your brand visibility in various search engines
  • Faster website loading
  • Highly responsive to all devices
  • Save cost and time on site management
  • Save cost and time on mobile development
  • Enhance browsing experience of user

Why Need this?

Responsive website design permits the users to navigate to various pages of website by making use of their handheld device with much comfort and ease. It also make any site to resize, fit and embrace itself to various screen resolutions and sizes like tablets, Smartphone, desktop, laptop and many more.  Responsive design will surely attract plenty of customers towards your site and hence make your business to higher level. You cannot able to create multiple websites for various devices instead you can create single responsive website design which responds to all devices.

Disadvantages of not going with responsive design

Mobile searches are increasing day by day and if you do not include responsive design in your site then you are sure to lose your targeted visitors coming towards your site. Conventional websites will not fit to all devices due to their poor navigation and browsing difficulties. Moreover, the loading time is also higher in conventional web design compared to responsive website design so people who access website with higher loading time will get irritated and quit the site.


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