Web Portal Development- Know the process

Web Development or Web Portal Development is used to describe the process of creating a fully functional website from scratch. The website on completion is then hosted on a server and made available to clients/visitors. The web portal development process comprises of two halves:

  • The Front End: The front end is the phrase used to define the entire structure of the website ranging from the index to its get up, structural blueprint, etc. The Front end is usually coded in HTML or Hypertext Mark-Up Language for static pages and PHP Hypertext Pre-processor for dynamic pages and server side scripting. Coding in Javascript is also incorporated into this in abundance. The PHP based websites are much more resourceful in reality than HTML websites, because PHP comprises of all the pros of HTML and also offers the option of the code being parsed and compiled before being sent to the user. The PHP pages are also easier to implement because they provide greater control over the function and structure of the web site.
  • The Back End: The prime purpose behind a website is not just the pages after pages of text and media but the exchange of information that is far more tangible. In order to accomplish this back-end or a database is necessary. The database can be broken down into several tables. The tables hold all the information entered from the client side that the server needs to store and provide upon request by the user. The retrieval of this information is carried out with the help of a common thread between the tables that links one block of information to another block in another column, which may or may not belong to the same table; this is known as the primary key and it is unique by nature. Tables are not only created in MySQL but also in Microsoft Access for example, which although less flexible is an easy alternative and is usually coupled with Javascript based front ended web portals.

Web portal development follows certain frameworks for the code that incorporates the likely tools to build a particular kind of web portal, into a single package. The most well known of these are:

  • XAMPP: XAMPP stands for Cross (X) platform programming based on an Apache HTTP server, MySQL back end, PHP and Perl front end.
  • WAMP: Windows based web programming on Apache, MySQL and PHP.

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