Android Application Development- What should be known?

The Android operating system was created and launched by search engine giant Google, as an operating system that works solely based on the function of touch thus connecting users with handheld devices such as smart phones and tablet computers. The Android operating system is as of now the most popular mobile operating system out there on the market. The Android source code was released by Google under an open source license which has rendered it simple for anyone to design and develop an application that runs on the Android platform.

Android development

The Android applications development process model is not a hard task to master. Applications are written, built and tested in the Android Software Development kit for the most part and are coded in JAVA primarily. The modular object oriented programming protocols of JAVA renders it easier for programmers to build their applications in block/tier/module which offers robustness to the quality of the Android application. Although the official programming for Android system applications is done mostly by patching in the Android development plug-in in an Eclipse or a Netbeans IDE in Windows or Linux, in practice, Android programs can be written and emulated on the Android platform too. Some applications also incorporate C, C++ based libraries for their programs. Some Android applications such as the browsers or the general Android applications which require collaborating with the mobile internet for full functionality make use of HTML and CSS scripts and codes too.

The Android application development in a simulated environment makes it easy. This is because it offers the programmer glimpses into how the application functions in real time. In order for an Android application to perform in real time it should also have a rooted directory based hierarchy akin to the desktop. The rooted phones allow the user to wield their Android device and its applications, exactly as they would in a desktop environment. This gives the user some amount of control that he was otherwise confined from having as a non-rooted user. This also makes room for users to take full advantage of the freedom of the user interface and the root since they can use applications launched for future versions of the Android OS.

For the amateur programmers out there, looking to develop their Android applications without having to bother them with the syntax; the App Inventor for Android is a nifty tool launched by Google that allows the programmers to work in a simulated Android operating system environment so that applications can be built block by block, by trial and error.

Android applications developed by 3rd party developers are not news. The Android operating system offers an available by default online market that shelves applications built both by 3rd party users and the Android developers themselves which also have their subsequent updates lined after them. Android based smart phone handheld devices are also closely followed by Televisions that function with the help of the Android operating system. Some cars also offer Android based operating systems and user interfaces.

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