Four Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During Web Designing

So, you are going to design your latest website now? Well, many good ideas are there to design killing webs and establish good position in the list of top class web designers. Whether you are designing a business portal or an ecommerce site, you should know well that a clean and professional style of designing web can work perfectly for leaving positive impact on your customers. Also, it is not at all a tough task to design world class websites by avoiding common mistakes in this direction. If you are willing to leave a strong and permanent impression on your customers through effective web designing, keep the following four mistakes on mind to avoid always –

Mistakes Avoid Web Designing

 Avoid color combinations’ contrast

During the time of creating professional website you might have been looking for the idea of playing with colors but you should not be much overwhelming. Using bright colors on background and using black or white background is not good idea. Moreover, it will work well to have dark colored content on light background than light on dark.

Don’t place content in large text blocks

Another common mistake people do during web designing is placing web content in large text blocks of text. Remember, nobody wants to spare significant time for reading big contents on screen. Online readers generally prefer scanning text and if your content is not easy-to-read kind of, they will prefer choosing other sites and you will lose your reader. Thus, writing contents clearly in concise way and placing them in small paragraphs is the best idea.

Don’t play automatic sound in background

Many people think that they can jazz up their website by playing sound automatically in background but definitely this is not a truly working idea. Fancy fonts, unreadable content and background sound can interrupt your customers to focus on your real content and message. Moreover, everyone has varied taste of music so it is not important that the music you put in your website is everyone’s choice. So, your first website should be as simple and straight forward as you can.

Complicated navigation system does not work

Make things easier and simple to operate for your customers. Maze of content can distract your customers from the main message. Secondly, customers who are searching products in your site will find it complicated to accomplish their task and they will love to visit towards sites offering simple navigation system.


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