Top 10 best On page factor in seo for help to increase keyword ranking

SEO services have more to focus on the keywords that show up on the client’s site which allows a website to be seen higher up the page order when searched by users using search engines. It is however important to note that on page factors are often the differentiating factor when it comes to searches online.

On page factor in seo

Earlier certain factors that were considered important when are optimizing a search engine. One of the factors used for On page factors in SEO was considered as high speed but recent studies have shown that speed is no longer a key factor is deciding the usability of a web page by its users, other factors being the site having H1 & H2 tags or having a description.  Some other factors that were earlier considered as rank boosters, like, H1 & H2 tags, description, etc are now considered as a given for a web page.

On page factors that affect key word ranking:

  1. Length of URL- The URL or the address of the site should be easy to type and remember. In case there are forward or backward slashes on the address or colons, etc then it confuses the user leading them to shy away from the site.
  2. Position of Key Words in the title- In case the user is searching a particular phrase and a site does not show the phrase in the requite order the user intuitively feels that the sight will not be of much help.
  3. Key Word in Domain name- In case a user is again using a phrase on a search engine and the phrase pops up in the domain many of the listed site it almost guarantees  the user opening the website.
  4. URL is no sub domain- In case the URL is a simple one but  in case the user finds that it is a sub domain to a larger domain they may feel that it will limit the reach of there search.
  5. Key Word in URL or in Description- in case the users query suffices to a word then the presence of that key word in the URL or Description of the site often ensures the user opening that site.
  6. Video Integration- If the site has an integrated video then it ensures that the site gets more number of visitors.
  7. Position of the keyword- the keyword should be placed in the first and last paragraph as google crawls starting from first and last in both ways. This makes the raking better.
  8. Quality content-the content for the webpage should be of good quality and well researched and informative.
  9. Keyword density – how many times the keywords should be used in proper way to make the content rank in the frontline.
  10. The usage of related keyword should be used properly to make the content reach and should be perfect for SEO.

Often SEO services does tell us what are the on page factors that will help the key word ranking of our web page but it is important to keep the above in mind.


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