How to keep safe website ranking from Penguin update?

Ranking on a social media site is very important to some business where competition is cropping up and ranking is one of the key differentiating factors in the business. Often times an existing Penguin or an updated Penguin can harm the ranking of a website thereby rendering business slow.

Penguin update

Penguin update:

When a search engine that does not allow shady or tricky SEO practices by writing new algorithms it reduces or in extreme cases delists the website from its page.  SEO service companies often help clients with these problems by keeping in mind some good practise which do not let a Penguin update harm the ranking of web site.

Safekeeping of websites ranking from Penguin Update:

Often the Penguin update keeps Niches in mind and allows web site to be ranked accordingly. Penguin updates often keep updating the list of niches which will be looked for by Penguin. It is tough for a user to know if their website will feature in the niche or not leading to the website losing ranking on the search engine. A SEO Service Company will have the required expertise to follow the niches and keep the users site free losing their ranking on the social media site.

A few things that Penguin updates look for in a site are:

These can be broadly be divided into two categories, namely

  1. Page Content
  2. Backlinks on the site

Page Content-

    1. In case the web page has too many key words the penguin updates often look for these and the ranking of the website is reduced.
    2. Plagiarism is often not looked upon well by Penguin and this is a reason for reducing the ranking for some websites.
    3. Backlinks on the site-
      1. Natural
      2. Coming from quality websites

Natural connection that is put in an article with proper flow for SEO purpose is appreciated by Google. Relevant links are favoured. For demonstration, if the item is on health, the connection is furthermore on wellbeing related website, it is advised a legitimate connection by the Google and other search motors.

Google is firm about advertisement. Websites with multiple pop-up publicity or sponsored publicity are advised contradictory in the point of Google. It is considered as a cash making way. Thus, your website should have less advertisement.

To sustain top quality in content, it is absolutely vital to sustain flow, minimizing keyword density and keywords arrive routinely in content. Double-check about duplicate content. Quality content service is only likely when content is unique. Another significant thing to notice is that the content is free from grammatical mistakes.



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