SEO Company: A hallmark of web development

Digitalization has paved the way for web development. Now a day publishing a company’s ad on paper is considered to be back-dated and will soon be obsolete with the growing importance of SEO Company. Today’s companies are more and more opting for web publishing and development which again has given a boost to the number of SEO companies.


The world is torn apart by rivalries. Cut throat competition seems to be the order of the day. Every firm or company is caught in the rat race of toppling the other company. Under such circumstances, SEO is becoming more prominent. With a proper SEO, a business firm or any other company intends to occupy the topmost position in the placement of search engines. Precisely, the work of a SEO company is to increase the global visibility of a company’s website. An SEO company lets a website climb up the ladder and eventually numero uno in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. Advertising one website plainly will not guarantee its publicity and popularity. For that, a company has to make sure that an SEO is working fine on its project.

An SEO company sets to work in a specific direction. They start with the foremost thing, organizing the web pages of a website sequentially. Ranking depends on the arrangement of the web pages of a website and different search engines set up different criteria for the ranking. A proper SEO company will research on a website which it intends to work on so that it can decide on the content of the site. SEO companies create their web content based on the following conditions–Website and web page analysis, competitor website analysis, traffic analysis, key word and key research analysis, search engine submissions etc. With these features in mind, a successful SEO company functions.

SEO Services Company Provides the Best online Solution for Traffic

SEO is a short form for Search Engine Optimization. The main function of a SEO Services company is to provide its clients with better results when being searched through a search engine. When a client goes to an optimizer, the chief function of the optimizer is to better the keyword search results to better the position of the website on a search engine platform. There are a number of tools and techniques in search engine optimization today that have given SEO Services new wings.

SEO Services

In today’s marketing scenario where brands are doing all they can to break away from the cluster and get the consumers attention, the internet is a marketing tool like no other. But with the rise in internet traffic the density of the cluster has also increased. This has lead to a number of companies taking the help of search engine optimization to better their visibility online.

It is important for the client to understand the kind of SEO services that they require. There are a number of fields where companies can provide optimization services. Some of these fields are Social Media Management, META Data optimization, Content Strategy, On Page Optimization, Local Search, Link Building, Execute Content Strategy, Keyword research and Industry research.

Functions of a SEO company

Some of the key functions of an SEO Company are that they provide they client with a current ranking report (ranking before the optimization process), web traffic management services, developing the online content and reassessing the designing needs of the website.

Some consultancies or consultants who are experts at SEO offer a new kind of SEO service called Organic Search Engine Optimization. This advanced tool further helps with the internet marketing needs of the client. The best part about Organic SEO is that they offer search engine specific keyword analysis (so that the search engine doesn’t block the website on account of too many key words).

Web Design Company India: A flourishing business

Have you ever thought of venturing into something which will give you the biggest turnovers? Or have you dreamt of a company whose official website will attain the highest number of views in the web? If yes, then it is time to change your outlook from traditional advertisement to the classic trendy web designs. Any business venture needs assessment and web is the only global platform where you can get your business idea assessed completely. With the rise in entrepreneurship, India is not lagging behind in the business sector.

Web Design

Edge with a web design company

Naturally the web design company India has given a further lift to the business prospects of Indians. The working of web Design Company in India does not differ much from the web design company in other parts of the world. Generally web Design Company in India while undertaking a project, aims at social media marketing, search engine optimization, branding, advertising and logo designs.

No website should comprise of only mechanical web pages and web content. Any website should be a clear reflection of thought, integrity and creativity. A web design company in India takes care of these aspects. Web design companies mix and match rich content, organized web pages and intricate innovative designs. Any company website cannot function without a logo. Hence brand logo is of utmost importance for any business firm’s website. These days Multimedia and E-commerce go hand in hand.


Media marketing and commercial ventures are incomplete without multimedia and web designs. Web designs are done by the companies with various software tools such as Adobe Illustrator, acrobat, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, wordpress, Joomla, Javascript and the list goes on. The web design company in India takes into account things like number of web pages, their content and images and logos (be it graphic logo, brand logo or flash logo) and together they try to create something outstanding.

As long as creativity is alive, web design company in India has a long way to go.

Top 10 best On page factor in seo for help to increase keyword ranking

SEO services have more to focus on the keywords that show up on the client’s site which allows a website to be seen higher up the page order when searched by users using search engines. It is however important to note that on page factors are often the differentiating factor when it comes to searches online.

On page factor in seo

Earlier certain factors that were considered important when are optimizing a search engine. One of the factors used for On page factors in SEO was considered as high speed but recent studies have shown that speed is no longer a key factor is deciding the usability of a web page by its users, other factors being the site having H1 & H2 tags or having a description.  Some other factors that were earlier considered as rank boosters, like, H1 & H2 tags, description, etc are now considered as a given for a web page.

On page factors that affect key word ranking:

  1. Length of URL- The URL or the address of the site should be easy to type and remember. In case there are forward or backward slashes on the address or colons, etc then it confuses the user leading them to shy away from the site.
  2. Position of Key Words in the title- In case the user is searching a particular phrase and a site does not show the phrase in the requite order the user intuitively feels that the sight will not be of much help.
  3. Key Word in Domain name- In case a user is again using a phrase on a search engine and the phrase pops up in the domain many of the listed site it almost guarantees  the user opening the website.
  4. URL is no sub domain- In case the URL is a simple one but  in case the user finds that it is a sub domain to a larger domain they may feel that it will limit the reach of there search.
  5. Key Word in URL or in Description- in case the users query suffices to a word then the presence of that key word in the URL or Description of the site often ensures the user opening that site.
  6. Video Integration- If the site has an integrated video then it ensures that the site gets more number of visitors.
  7. Position of the keyword- the keyword should be placed in the first and last paragraph as google crawls starting from first and last in both ways. This makes the raking better.
  8. Quality content-the content for the webpage should be of good quality and well researched and informative.
  9. Keyword density – how many times the keywords should be used in proper way to make the content rank in the frontline.
  10. The usage of related keyword should be used properly to make the content reach and should be perfect for SEO.

Often SEO services does tell us what are the on page factors that will help the key word ranking of our web page but it is important to keep the above in mind.

How to keep safe website ranking from Penguin update?

Ranking on a social media site is very important to some business where competition is cropping up and ranking is one of the key differentiating factors in the business. Often times an existing Penguin or an updated Penguin can harm the ranking of a website thereby rendering business slow.

Penguin update

Penguin update:

When a search engine that does not allow shady or tricky SEO practices by writing new algorithms it reduces or in extreme cases delists the website from its page.  SEO service companies often help clients with these problems by keeping in mind some good practise which do not let a Penguin update harm the ranking of web site.

Safekeeping of websites ranking from Penguin Update:

Often the Penguin update keeps Niches in mind and allows web site to be ranked accordingly. Penguin updates often keep updating the list of niches which will be looked for by Penguin. It is tough for a user to know if their website will feature in the niche or not leading to the website losing ranking on the search engine. A SEO Service Company will have the required expertise to follow the niches and keep the users site free losing their ranking on the social media site.

A few things that Penguin updates look for in a site are:

These can be broadly be divided into two categories, namely

  1. Page Content
  2. Backlinks on the site

Page Content-

    1. In case the web page has too many key words the penguin updates often look for these and the ranking of the website is reduced.
    2. Plagiarism is often not looked upon well by Penguin and this is a reason for reducing the ranking for some websites.
    3. Backlinks on the site-
      1. Natural
      2. Coming from quality websites

Natural connection that is put in an article with proper flow for SEO purpose is appreciated by Google. Relevant links are favoured. For demonstration, if the item is on health, the connection is furthermore on wellbeing related website, it is advised a legitimate connection by the Google and other search motors.

Google is firm about advertisement. Websites with multiple pop-up publicity or sponsored publicity are advised contradictory in the point of Google. It is considered as a cash making way. Thus, your website should have less advertisement.

To sustain top quality in content, it is absolutely vital to sustain flow, minimizing keyword density and keywords arrive routinely in content. Double-check about duplicate content. Quality content service is only likely when content is unique. Another significant thing to notice is that the content is free from grammatical mistakes.


How much effective is social media optimization for website?

Social Media Optimization or SMO is a rather new concept developed after SEO, SMO helps optimize a social media site by using various methods to increase the traffic on these social media sites. An SEO Company that will offer SMO services will make changes to the website will allow users to easily link to the social media site, increase the visibility of the social media sites on both normal and advanced search engines and make sure that the links are more often spoken about in blogs etc.

Some important factors in case of SMO are:

social media optimization

It is important to understand that a professional Company offering SMO services will perform effective social media optimization up to the limit the client wishes, the limits of these wishes maybe driven by a number of factors from the budget allocation for these SMO services to the server strength of the user.

It is however important to keep in mind a few basic things that are basic and key for social media optimization of a website:

  • Making it easy to link to the website-

On some websites we find that the content is old is being used only for store front purposes which rarely garners any traffic. Linking to the social media site can be made easy if blogs are set up where a link to the social media site is presented.

  • Make tagging of the website as frequent as possible:

When users find tags for a particular website of places they often visit not only is they made aware of the social media site but they might also visit the site. Companies offering Social Media Optimization services often post a tag of the website on popular social bookmarking sites.

  • Encourage Inward links-

It is often encouraged that inward links visiting a social media site should be further encouraged by showing these inward links on the website, these rewards are often stimulants to increase traffic on a social media site.

  • Making Content travel-

Often social media sites have portable file formats like PDF, Videos, etc. Social Media Optimization helps place these portable files on other popular sites which will again increase the traffic on a social media site.

  • Encourage Content copying from the site-

An essential way to increase traffic at social media site is allowing users to copy and paste content from the social media site elsewhere, which often helps bring in new users.